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European Furniture & Bedding

The Mattress & Sleep Company believes we have established one of the most well-thought-out ranges of furniture, mattresses, bedding, and bath available anywhere in North America today. We attribute much of this success to our European-dominated supply chain.

Europeans always seem to be just a little bit ahead of us when it comes to not only quality but environmental stewardship and even design trends, too.

With this in mind, you'll find a mix of solutions that are made in Europe, along with Canadian and American products that are made from significant percentages of European components.

We display an incredible range of European products in our warm and inviting Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park showrooms. The Mattress & Sleep Company also delivers across Canada.

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European Sizes are Available in Canada! Contact Us For Pricing

The Mattress & Sleep Company works with many European suppliers, which means these hard-to-find sizes are absolutely possible to source in Canada. European mattresses are not common in Canada and are always made to order. Our stores are located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park and we deliver across Canada every day.

Our European Supply Chain

Map Legend: Green - Manufacturing Facility | Pink & Purple - Raw Material Source | Yellow - Sales Office / Distribution
Light Blue - Certification | Red - Our Showrooms & Warehouses