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The most natural memory foam mattress available today.
While there is no such thing as "natural memory foam," there certainly exists the possibility of crafting a memory foam mattress with primarily natural ingredients. This is just such a mattress. We conceptualized this mattress many years ago, and it was only recently that it became possible to build our dream memory foam mattress.

There are four design flaws which affect memory foam mattresses. The New Sensation by Natura addresses all of these.

Pure organic cotton and wool are used for the outer covering. These materials do not emit any harmful chemicals and will properly regulate temperature and humidity, ensuring you do not overheat and do not feel clammy. This results in a deeper, more restful sleep. This outside cover has a zippered top panel to provide access to the high quality ingredients contained within.

The 3" Canadian-made VX hybrid memory foam is made with as much natural content as is possible for a memory foam. While the finished material is not natural and we do not market it as natural, this is the closest thing to "natural memory foam" that is possible from a chemistry standpoint. VX foam responds quickly, is not difficult to move in like typical memory foams and also almost entirely avoids the "new mattress smell" associated with most new mattresses.

Typical memory foam mattresses have a standard polyurethane foam layer below their memory foam. This foam is too brittle and unresponsive, leading to poor performance over time. This is also why most memory foam mattresses do not bend very well on an adjustable bed. Our New Sensation features a 6" layer of 100% pure natural Dunlop rubber tree latex instead of standard foam. This naturally elastic material is perfect for buoyant support whether as a flat bed or as an electric motorized bed.

Best of all, with a zippered cover and individual components, your New Sensation mattress is fully maintainable over the many years of ownership it will provide. Since we know memory foam isn't as durable as latex, we've made the memory foam layer separate and replaceable!

Product Details

  • Cover details:
    • 100% organic cotton stretch-knit outer cover (sleeping surface/sides)
    • 4.2 lbs (in a queen size) of certified organic Natura Grow wool
      • Wool acts as a natural fire barrier without use of potentially risky alternatives
    • Zippered top cover
    • Cover is removable to allow turning/rotating and replacement of individual layers
  • 3" of Canadian VX hybrid memory foam directly below the outer cotton & wool cover
    • Rapid response memory foam which makes changing position in bed easier than traditional memory foam
    • VX Formula almost entirely avoids the bothersome "new mattress odour" associated with most new mattresses
  • 6" of 100% organic Dunlop rubber tree latex at base of mattress
    • USDA certified organic rubber tree milk
    • Made by Arpico in Sri Lanka
    • Zero styrene-butadiene (synthetic latex) content
  • Extremely durable, flexible and resilient
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, mould and dust mite resistant
  • Available as a mattress only, with a matching foundation and also compatible with an electric adjustable bed
  • All components are individually replaceable at any time during ownership
  • Total mattress height of approx. 10" | 25 cm
  • Made in Shawinigan, Canada

Estimated Delivery, Shipping Costs & Availability

Regularly stocked in Queen and King. If ordered without a foundation, this mattress is eligible for courier shipping for fast and easy delivery across Canada. Shipping and handing are included at no extra cost to most locations across Canada. Full in-home placement and setup are complimentary in the Calgary and Edmonton areas. When sold out or for non-stock sizes, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Your Natura mattress is covered by the manufacturer's 10 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. In the event of a potential concern, The Mattress & Sleep Company will work on your behalf to help solve the problem. More importantly, as this is a modular mattress, individual components can be inspected and replaced whereas with traditional mattresses it can be difficult to ascertain where the problem is originating.

There are four fundamental design flaws in all memory foam mattresses; The Mattress & Sleep Company have addressed them all with the New Sensation by Natura.
  1. Many memory foam mattresses sleep too hot.
  2. Most memory foam mattresses lack proper ergonomic support over the long term.
  3. Most memory foams wear prematurely and unevenly.
  4. Typical memory foam mattresses produce an unpleasant odour.

Having understood and identified these problems, we then set out to solve these issues.

1. Many memory foam mattresses sleep too hot.
Performance athletic fabrics found in clothing simply do not work in the bedroom environment. All of the claims of regulating temperature and humidity are pure marketing claims and in the bedroom, these fabrics fail to help.

We asked Natura to craft us a memory foam mattress with an outer covering consisting only of organic cotton and organic sheep's wool. They obliged.

Wool is perfect in the bedroom. Sheep's wool absorbs approximately 35% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp. Performance fabrics only absorb 1% before they’re damp to the touch.

Wool does not sleep hot. Wool regulates temperature about as well as any material, and it does not need a lot of air circulation to do its job.

2. Most memory foam mattresses lack proper ergonomic support over the long term.
While memory foam is a good material for alleviating pressure, it is important to understand that memory foam is not a support material. With this in mind, we asked Natura to place their excellent memory foam on top of pure, natural rubber. The memory foam layer in the Natura is also replaceable for a reasonable cost as we do not expect it to last as long as natural rubber.

Standard memory foam mattresses use a brittle polyurethane foam layer below their memory foam top layer. This brittle foam does not have enough elasticity to conform properly to the complex shape of the human body. Natural rubber is made from pure rubber tree milk. This substance is naturally elastic, and is the perfect companion for memory foam.

The added benefit of using a natural rubber base layer is that our Natura New Sensation mattress works perfectly on an adjustable bed. Typical memory foam mattresses are too inflexible, resulting in the effect you see here (video coming soon):

3. Most memory foams wear prematurely and unevenly.
Memory foam is normally layered on top of standard polyurethane foam. The result is that this brittle base layer breaks down quickly. Because memory foam isn’t a support material, it easily caves into this substandard base foam. The result is a sagging or hammock effect. Sometimes this phenomenon isn’t visible—it may only be noticed when laying on the bed and realizing the portions of the mattress which are regularly slept on are now far too soft, while the unused parts of the bed, are still firm and like-new.

By utilizing a natural rubber base layer, we’ve prevented this premature wear. Natural rubber is not only extremely elastic; it is also 2 to 2.5 times higher in density.

4. Typical memory foam mattresses produce an unpleasant odour.
Reading our article on The Truth About Chemicals, it can be easily understood that not all off-gassing is harmful or bothersome. However, it's really the dosage or amount of off-gassing that poses an issue.

While a small layer of memory foam on its own may produce only a minimal odour or insignificant amount of off-gassing, once you combine this layer with a polyurethane base layer, gel foam and an outer covering with synthetic fire retardants, we can quickly see why the odour and off-gassing from memory foam beds is an issue for many people.

Our Natura New Sensation mattress is made from primarily organic materials (organic cotton, organic wool and organic rubber tree latex). In fact, contrary to claims by another mattress on the market, we believe we have assembled the world’s most natural memory foam mattress.

This off-gassing or odour issue is usually referred to as the new bed smell. Our Natura mattress almost entirely avoids this problem. It does not have the strong odour of a typical pillow top or memory foam mattress. The key is in the formulation of the VX memory foam found in our Natura mattress. Made in-house right in Shawinigan, QC by Natura's parent company (Zedbed), VX is a game changer in the memory foam mattress market. Our Natura mattress is made by one of only two mattress manufacturers in all of Canada who have the capability of producing their own foam.

The only material in our Natura New Sensation which is not organic is the memory foam layer. This memory foam is made in Canada and it contains the highest percentage of natural polyols that we’re able to utilize. This means the petrochemical content of our memory foam is as minimal as is possible from a manufacturing standpoint. While there is a competitor with a claim of entirely natural memory foam, this is not chemically possible and exceptionally misleading.

We truly believe our unique New Sensation mattress by Natura addresses all of these memory foam drawbacks.

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