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An eye-catching, edgy table.

Striking design with a clean, clear style will ensure the tema table is a bold presence in your dining area. Its linear form allows the beauty of its solid wood to be the focal point and makes tema a true all-rounder – as a non-extendable table, up to 300 cm long, or as an extendable table up to 350 cm. With its formal minimalism, the top of the tema table can be combined with various bases. Solid wood end panels emphasise the straight lines of its understated design. It is braced with a beautifully crafted stretcher that is an attractive design feature and ensures maximum stability. Elegant A-frame legs give tema a modern and more expressive appearance. The table top appears to balance on the point of the “A”. A real work of art with a “wow factor”. The clear design and generous leg-room are impressive in both versions.


  • Solid European hardwood construction with your choice of hardwood type
  • Choose from several standard sizes, or choose nearly any custom dimensions to suit your requirements
  • Table top is 2.5 cm
  • Panel edge with 7 cm wooden trim, end face with end-grain edgeband
  • Fixed tables are available in custom dimensions, however, extending tables are available from pre-defined sizes
  • Please note pricing on this page is specifically for a dining table and does not include chairs or other elements

0 to 100 in seconds

Quick, convenient and intuitively easy – the non-stop extension technology patented by TEAM 7 makes it possible to increase the size of the tema table with a single action. In seconds it grows by 100 cm, creating four extra dining places. Reducing the dining table again is just as easy with the non-stop system. Our patented mechanism cushions the movement of the integrated table inserts in both directions. The synchronously extendable table top opens up in the middle, and the inserts swivel up automatically, fitting into place with perfect precision. The table base stays in the same position – ideal if it is placed on a rug or combined with a bench that then remains in a central position relative to the table.

Technology in perfection

Ultra-modern 3-layer technology provides the table’s tremendous stability and makes the ingenious construction of the impressive table top possible. The entire extension mechanism is concealed within and the design allows maximum comfort with generous leg-room. Its high-quality craftsmanship is evident in such details as the carefully finished end-grained wood on the front edges, and the continuous pattern of the hand-sorted wood grain on the surface and sides of the table top. Traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology – perfectly combined.

Wood Samples

Alder (ER) Beech (BU) Beech Heartwood (BK) Natural Oak (EI) Wild Natural Oak (EIWI)  
Alder Beech Beech Heartwood Natural Oak Wild Natural Oak  

Cherry (KB) Walnut (NB) Wild Walnut (NBWI) White Oil Oak (EI-W) White Oil Wild Oak (EIWI-W)  
Cherry Walnut Wild Walnut White Oil Oak White Oil Wild Oak  

Venetian Oak (EIVE) Swiss Pine (ZI)
Venetian Oak Swiss Pine

TEAM 7 Pricing

TEAM 7 prices quoted online include our 22% currency surcharge. The Mattress & Sleep Company adds this surcharge as a separate line item in an effort to be transparent in our pricing. The TEAM 7 price list is in US dollars, and our 22% surcharge represents far less than the genuine cost difference when converting from US dollars into Canadian dollars.

For those who wish to pay in US dollars, you may do so without incurring the surcharge!

About Online Prices & Configurations

The prices and sizes on our website are merely a starting point for this custom piece of furniture. There are literally hundreds of possible configurations, each of which may be rendered in our specialty 3D software.

Customize this piece in your choice of available TEAM 7 raw materials at our Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park showrooms. The Mattress & Sleep Company is proud to offer our expertise and 3D planning software in designing the perfect TEAM 7 furniture for your whole home.

Availability & Delivery Estimates

Each and every piece of TEAM 7 furniture is made especially for you in Austria. Please allow 3-5 months from date of order to delivery in your home.

TEAM 7 is available for delivery to our local Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park area customers. We will consider orders for TEAM 7 furniture outside of our local areas on a case-by-case basis.

Natural Wood Surface Finish

As early as 1980, long before the organic boom, TEAM 7 have crafted ecologically conscious solid wood furniture. TEAM 7 finish their wood surfaces with pure herbal oil and nothing else. There are no stains, lacquers or chemical constituents.

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