Children, Juvenile & Kids Mattresses

Our range of children's mattresses is specifically designed to meet the needs of children whether they're transitioning from a crib or even into their teenage and adult years.

Because children are growing, and their respiratory systems are still developing, we believe kids should sleep on a mattress made from safe, breathable, non-toxic materials. If you share this belief, The Mattress & Sleep Company recommends focusing on choosing a kids' mattress from our Berkeley Ergonomics and Harrison Spinks brands.

  • Popular kid's mattresses are on display and stocked at our stores in Calgary, Edmonton & Sherwood Park.
  • t•masc (Our Private Label) mattresses are gently compressed, rolled and delivered via courier (Canpar, FedEx, Purolator or UPS), directly to your door in cardboard cartons.

The Best Children's Mattress

We believe the best kids' mattress is made from breathable, temperature-regulating materials. We believe sheep's wool is the perfect material for this task. Wool is exceptionally good at regulating temperature and humidity. It is also proven to steady the heart rate and to settle children faster than synthetic fibres.

The sheep's wool in our mattresses is not scratchy and will not cause irritation or allergy issues. Sheep's wool is also a natural fire retardant, which means that all of our mattresses with wool are not treated with any chemical fire retardants.

Learn more about non-allergenic wool.

Every mattress from Berkeley Ergonomics, Harrison Spinks and t•masc (Obasan) features generous helpings of wool. Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are also available to order in a vegan-friendly version on special request where the top wool quilt is replaced with linen fibre.