Motion Transfer and Making the Choice between King and Queen

aberdeenA common question we get asked is will this bed have motion transfer? One of the most important parts of sleeping as a couple in the same bed is that there is as little disturbance as possible for each partner. My next question for them is, what size bed are you interested in? If the answer is Queen size, no amount of motion transfer fixes will change the sheer size of the mattress. It’s not just about motion transfer in the mattress, but physical space. Depending on room size, budget, etc. sometimes a King mattress does not make sense but if it is possible, it may make both sleepers just that much more happy in the long term.

If you think about the size of a Queen mattress which is 60 inches wide and we divide that in half, that leaves 30 inches per person, per side. If you look at our mattress sizes page, you will see that half of a Queen is only two inches wider than a crib mattress, which is 28 inches wide. If you compare how much sleeping space you would get with a king, each person would get an extra 8 inches on either side, upping their sleeping space to 38 inches, which is the width of a Twin or Twin XL mattress.

If you are looking for minimum motion transfer and the most comfortable sleep possible with your partner The Vispring Zip’n’Link King mattress is a very neat solution. It is two Twin XL mattresses that zip together to make a King size mattress. Each person has enough sleeping space and the least amount of motion transfer possible. The Cairo Mattress with over 4000 coils in a king size is also a strong contender for a very restful sleep with minimal motion transfer, especially when paired with the Berkeley Ergonomics Suspension Foundation.