Vegan Mattresses

The Mattress & Sleep Company offers a variety of choices for those seeking a vegan mattress. Our vegan-friendly mattress offerings are offered in two distinctly different styles:

  1. Berkeley Ergonomics - Made from all-natural materials including organic cotton and natural latex. By default, all Berkeley models feature wool. Please read below on the process for sourcing a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress without wool.
  2. MLILY - Made from synthetic materials only. MLILY is one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the world, and their pricing is often one third to one-half of comparable products. This is attributed to the fact that MLILY manufactures the raw materials for hundreds of other mattress brands.
  3. We are able to special order any Berkeley Ergonomics mattress without sheep's wool. The wool batting will be replaced by pure linen batting. This will make the mattress feel quite a bit firmer. There is no additional cost for this component change, however, please allow an additional 2-4 weeks lead time.