Mattresses Without Synthetic Flame Retardants

There has been a growing concern over the use of fire retardants in upholstered furniture and mattresses for some time now. With more media focus placed on the negative health effects that some chemicals pose to us all on a daily basis the one place where everyone seems focused on reducing harmful toxins is within the bedroom.

Unfortunately in Canada, mattress makers and retailers alike are not required to disclose whether or not a mattress has been treated with flame retardants. The most difficult challenge is that the vast majority of mattresses contain polyurethane foam, which is an extremely flammable material made from petrochemicals. 

Use caution when encountering mattress brands that advertise foams with soy or other natural oils. These are no less flammable and the use of these natural oils in polyurethane foams has never shown to appreciably decrease the toxicity levels of these foams.

We list in this category mattresses that use only pure sheep's wool as a 100% natural fire barrier. Wool is an excellent way to avoid having to use synthetic flame retardants. Each mattress in this category is guaranteed to be free of absolutely any synthetic flame retardant treatments of any kind.

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