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If you'd like to shop by mattress size, this category will get you in the right direction. The Mattress & Sleep Company offers the complete range of standard size mattresses including Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen and King. We also offer many obscure, hard to find sizes in addition to having the capability of sourcing custom sized mattresses.

Twin mattresses are also known as single mattresses and measure 38 x 74 ½" or 96.5 x 189 cm. Nearly every mattress we offer is available in this size. We stock our most popular twin mattresses in all locations.

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Twin XL is a very common size, being exactly one half of a king size bed. Twin XL is also known as Long Twin in brands such as Tempur-Pedic. This size measures 38 x 79 ½" or 96.5 x 202 cm. Twin XL is often found in adjustable beds so that each sleeping partner may independently control their side of the bed.

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Double mattresses are also known as full size or standard size. They measure 53 x 74 ½" or 134.5 x 189 cm. Double has quickly become the least common standard size bed that we offer, even being out sold by Twin XL.

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Queen RV mattresses measure 60 x 74 ½" or 152.5 x 189 cm and are named for their common usage in recreational vehicles, motorhomes and trailers. Think of a Queen RV mattress as a queen bed width, yet with the length of a double bed. This size is somewhat of a specialty for The Mattress & Sleep Company as they are very hard to find, especially in a reasonable quality.

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Queen mattresses are the most common size sold in Canada and are available in every mattress model we offer. Queen size measures 60 x 79 ½" or 152.5 x 202 cm. Queen box springs or foundations come in one piece, but may be specially ordered in two pieces.

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California King mattresses are rare in Canada. They are narrower and longer than a standard king, measuring 72 x 84" or 183 x 213 cm. Contrary to popular belief, they are smaller than king size, at 6,048 square inches, where-as king size is 6,080 square inches. California King is also known as a Western King. California King box springs or foundations are always split in two pieces.

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King mattresses are nearly as common as queen mattresses today. King size measures 76 x 79 ½ or 193 x 202 cm. King is available in nearly every mattress model and we regularly stock the most popular choices. As an alternative, king size may also be crafted from a pair of Twin XL beds. When put together these equal a king exactly. King box springs or foundations are always split in two pieces.

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Custom mattresses are one of our specialties and are something we do on a daily basis. The most important thing to remember about a custom sized mattress is that they fall into two price categories; basic and fairly inexpensive or high end and a larger investment. With custom mattresses there are not often too many choices "in the middle."

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